MAISON KHOOM WAN is a one-of-a-kind creative enterprise based in Manhattan New York City.  In Thai, “KHOOM” means “greatest value” and “WAN” means “day.” 

KHOOM WAN stands for, “living each day with the greatest values.” 




“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 

We have felt responsible for the beauty of the world. 
The world is beautiful, the future is beautiful and bright.

Beauty is not mere appearance, nor an external feature or something that only matters in the surface.

Beauty is the shape of the inner qualities of people and things. Wherever there is beauty, there is positivity.
Beauty, in the vast majority of cases, coincides with simplicity.

Simplicity does not mean a lack of ideas or resources, but rather the essence of exciting things, of great treasures.

Only great people can speak of great things with simplicity. When people are surrounded by simplicity, everything becomes clearer. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci
We believe in “Less is More”.
It's not only better to live with less, but this in itself will give us more. The less we use and consume, the more space and freedom we have. The less we speak, the more we listen. The less details something has, the more beautiful and simple it is.                         



It is important to us that our products are produced by individuals that enjoy the fundamental rights of being treated with dignity and respect and are not deprived of their liberty through exploitation for the personal or commercial gain of others.  Our products are mainly  “Made in Manhattan New York City” 

We ONLY support healthy working environmental local manufactures here in New York City.
We compensate our manufactures a healthy living wage and that is reflected the cost of each garment.
We ensure that your purchases will support ethical manufactures. 


We want our clothes to outlive us. The life-cycle of our clothes are made to last generations, not seasons. Our clothes are built to last a lifetime and improve with every wash and wear. 

We source the best fabrics that we possibly find and we still continue improving.  Each design is an iconic statement, combining to make a useful and effortless wardrobe.  We advocate a healthy lifestyle  and that means crafting the perfect garment starts with the right fabric. Just as a healthy meal is the sum of high quality ingredients, the same goes for fabric and clothing. 

In addition, Our brand is designed to give our clients an experience of authentic luxury that lies "beyond fashion."  True luxury is about being yourself, feeling good, being confident and enjoying every moment of it. Each collection is a lucky charm that is made to morph to the individual wearer effortlessly. 


We strongly believe in our company main philosophy "Beautiful minds make a beautiful world". We ensure that a part of your purchases will certainly support TM.