HOOM WAN is an original, one-of-a kind designer.  She is an inspiring and a revolutionary thinker who dares to envision and take action against cultural norms fueled by her ingenious creativity and fervent aspirations. Although Khoom Wan’s educational background is originally in science, she has delved herself into a discipline of art and design after enrolling in a Fashion Design program as a full time student at the prestigious Parsons, School of Fashion, New York City, where she currently serves in the Alumni board. During her time at Parsons, Khoom Wan was a president of the Parsons Styling club. She was later nominated to be one of the designers to collaborate with Louis Vuitton to recreate conceptual garments. Reflecting the theme “Life is a Journey,” Khoom Wan reconstructed her garments from the previous Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear and textiles. The final show featured a live music score and performed by a choreographer.

After graduating from Parsons, Khoom Wan has been working behind the scenes in the garment district, Manhattan. She has earned numerous experiences working in Fashion manufacturing and production management where she specializes in designing and directing the process of creating sellable garments professionally.  She has worked with great American brands across the country, both well established and startups. Ultimately, she hopes to help navigate new emerging brands through the competitive environment of the fashion industry.

As a New York fashion designer at heart, and a fashion entrepreneur, Khoom Wan is now ready to share inspiring personal stories through her fashion line.

She is currently developing her own exclusive accessories and clothing line. Her fascination for the Royal Thai Silk makes it inevitable to integrate Thai silk in her signature. Her exceptional sense for luxury is a key component for the brand’s timeless design. She holds great personal strength, discipline, and dedication. She is driven and creative and not afraid to take risks. She values details, quality, and extra finishing touches, knowing that it is what makes a garment extraordinary.

Khoom Wan lives with passion in what she does and believes in diverse possibilities.  Her work always leaves a personal strategic mark that pushes on all boundaries and restrictions. She believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Her eye is like no other, and it is simply a gift of sight for exceptional beauty.