MAISON KHOOMWAN is a one-of-a-kind creative enterprise based in New York City.  In Thai, “KHOOM” means “greatest value” and “WAN” means “day.”  KHOOM WAN stands for, “living each day with the greatest values.”


Our company specializes in helping emerging and established designers to navigate the competitive environment of the fashion industry.  We professionally oversee the process of designing and creating sellable, top-quality collections for retail in high-end boutiques all over the world. 


MAISON KHOOMWAN is also an exclusive clothing and accessories line.  Our brand is designed to give our clients an experience of authentic luxury that lies "beyond fashion."  True luxury means being able to be yourself.  Our timeless and unisex designs are not about being fashionable but about being who you are. 


Each MAISON KHOOMWAN piece is a lucky charm that is made to morph to the individual wearer.  We want our clients to be able to push the boundaries of ordinary dress, and to tell their own stories through our designs.




Pingpong KHOOMWAN has a Master’s Degree in Science and a degree in Fashion Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Fashion Design.  During her last semester at Parsons, she collaborated with the French Fashion House, Louis Vuitton, in a conceptual reconstruction of the ready-to-wear collection under the theme, "Life is a Journey," featuring original music and choreography.  After being offered various manufacturing and production management positions, KHOOMWAN fought to build her own company in order to make a unique mark on the fashion industry.  She founded MAISON KHOOMWAN in 2016.  Since then, MAISON KHOOMWAN has helped to realize the dreams of countless emerging and established designers across the country.