KHOOM WAN stands for  “living a day life with the greatest values”. 
The brand was established by Maison Khoomwan New York as an original, one-of-a kind creative entrepreneur based in New York City.


We strongly believe in authenticity and being who you are is an ultimate status of luxury.

The brand’s mission is focusing on a “timeless design” principle to succeed exclusive limited edition of accessories and unisex clothing collections that aim to stay beyond fashion.


We build significant visionaries of masterminds to create every single pieces not for just being a normal item, but to be an exceptional premium of lucky charm.

Every pieces represent a story teller that always leaves a personal strategic mark that pushes on all boundaries and restrictions.





KHOOM WAN’s educational background is originally a master degree in science, she developed herself naturally into a discipline of art and design after attending a prestigious Design program at Parsons, School of Fashion. 


During the last semester at Parsons, she was nominated to be one of the designers to collaborate with Louis Vuitton. She designed a creative concept to developed a live performance consisting of an original music score, choreography, and conceptual garments that were reconstructed from Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection to reflect the theme “Life is a journey”. 


Later, she was offered numerous opportunities to work in fashion manufacturing and production management where she has conquered strong experiences to establish Maison Khoomwan New York that specializes in designing and directing the process of creating sellable garments professionally.  


Ultimately, she hopes to help and navigate new emerging brands through the competitive environment of the fashion industry.

She has been working on phenomenal collaborations with countless great American brands across the country, both well established and startups.