Vincent van Gogh - Landscape from Saint-Rémy  1889

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”


We have felt responsible for the beauty of the world. 

The world is beautiful, the future is beautiful and bright. Beauty is not mere appearance, nor an external feature or something that only matters in the surface. Beauty is the shape of the inner qualities of people and things. Wherever there is beauty, there is positivity.

 Beauty, in the vast majority of cases, coincides with simplicity. Simplicity does not mean a lack of ideas or resources, but rather the essence of exciting things, of great treasures. Only great people can speak of great things with simplicity. When people are surrounded by simplicity, everything becomes clearer.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

 We believe in “Less is More”.

It's not only better to live with less, but this in itself will give us more. The less we use and consume, the more space and freedom we have. The less we speak, the more we listen. The less details something has, the more beautiful and simple it is.